10 Card, Fairy Tarot Reading, via Email, by Prism Gypsy
10 Card, Fairy Tarot Reading, via Email, by Prism Gypsy
10 Card, Fairy Tarot Reading, via Email, by Prism Gypsy
Prism Gypsy

10 Card, Fairy Tarot Reading, via Email, by Prism Gypsy

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10 Card Tarot Reading Delivered via Email Using Fairy Tarot Cards Spiritual Guidance in Love Life and Spirit

* This listing is for a 10 card Tarot Reading, which will be sent to your email, within 48 hours, usually delivered same day. 

Tarot has been used for centuries to unlock hidden truths and insights about our everyday lives. I use a fairy themed deck in this reading.

I have over 20 years experience reading Tarot Cards, and have been reading professionally for over 10 years.

The spread I usually use is the Traditional Celtic Cross, which contains 10 cards, unless I find that a different spread is better suited for your question. I may pull extra cards at times for extra insight. Here is an example of what the positions of the cards in this layout will look like.

Card 1- The main issue at hand
Card 2-Enhances the main card, further insight, challenge/ blockage
Card 3-Unknown or Subconscious Influences
Card 4-Conscious Goal
Card 5-Past Influence
Card 6-Approaching Influence
Card 7-Inner Resource or Talent/ How you see yourself or the issue
Card 8-How others see you/ Outside Influences
Card 9-Hopes and/or fears, Key to Outcome
Card 10-Outcome

Your reading will be sent to your email so that you can have a copy to keep and look back upon. It will contain in detail the meaning of each card, the energies that they contain, and my interpretation and intuition of how it pertains to your life and situation. It will also contain digital photos of your cards , so that you can fully take in all that the card has to offer, as well as make your own connections with the imagery.

***When checking out please provide the following information by using the "Add A Note To Your Order" button. If no information is given, then I will follow up via email, prior to completing your reading to make sure I know your questions or details .

*Your question/ theme you would like me to focus on, or let me know if you want a general reading                                                                                                   *Full name and/or nickname that you go by.
*If you're asking about someone else, their first name and Birthday
*Email that you would like this reading sent to.


Please be at least 18 years of age before ordering a reading. These readings do not give medical or legal advice.

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