April Tarot For Each Sign

Happy April! As we start a new month, I wanted to pull a card for each sign for April 2019. The card deck I used for this reading is Fairy Tarot Cards by  Radleigh Valentine. 
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 🌟Capricorn. (December 23-January 20)♑

The Sun.

 The Sun is all about having gratitude for life. Capricorns, this April plans should be working out perfectly, amazing new ideas should be leading to reward. You should be entering a time of light after being through a period of darkness. This is a promise of brighter days ahead, happiness, and freedom. This is a great month to take a vacation if you can. You may be feeling an urge to socialize as well, be on the lookout for social functions that you feel called to attend. Your work should be stable and moving towards new opportunities and improvements. If looking for a new job,  it should be right around the corner. In love, things are looking good. If committed, make sure that you are spending enough time on your own individual passions, but when coming together you should feel your bond strengthening. If looking, make sure to be social. This month for finances, more money should be coming your way. In health, you should be at a high point, your positive attitude is helping. Figure out what you are doing right and build upon it. In spirit, you may be seeing the truth in matters now, you are seeing clearly and enjoying life. Bring your light to others around you. You are a radiating.

🌟Aquarius. (January 21-February 19)♒
The Star.
This April for Aquarius,  you should be looking to the future with hope and optimism.  The Star is a sign of happy changes that bring relief from challenging times. You should be feeling very inspired. This is a great time to make a list of goals and anything you want to accomplish or manifest. Work should be going well, but if you are not happy,  be prepared because a new opportunity can quickly come your way. In love, if you are committed your relationship should be reaching new heights. If looking, this is a great time to get out and mingle. Finances should be improving,  you may get a raise, or end up selling things you no longer need. You should be feeling inspired when it comes to your health and taking care of yourself. In your spirit,  allow yourself the time to meditate because you will be very in touch with your intuition.
🌟Pisces. (February 20-March 20)♓
Six of Spring.
Pisces, the suit of Spring refers to passion, energy, and action,  and six shows success. This card shows that success and public recognition should be on it's way to you. This is also a great month for celebrations.  You should be feeling full of energy and life. In career, your hard work is paying off. In love, if you are committed you should be feeling closer and happier. If looking,  you may be about to enter an exciting relationship with someone on the same page as you. Finances should be improving, but make sure not to overspend since you will be in such a great mood, still plan ahead for a rainy day. Your spiritual strength is sustaining your health, and you are getting in touch with your spirit and seizing the day.
🌟Aries. (March 21-April 20)♈
 King of Summer. 
For you Aries,  love may be taking center stage this month. The suit of Summer has to do with emotions, love, and relationships of all kinds. The King may refer to your energy or someone in your life. This brings with it an energy of a relationship  that is warm-hearted, someone you can count on for excellent advice, and even getting involved with a creative endeavor. At work, you should see improvements,  and a male should be on your side helping you. In love, this points to a healthy and balanced relationship. Financially,  don't let your emotions steer you away from responsibilities, make sure you are keeping a budget. In health, trust advice from those helping you. In spirit, take time to get in touch with your own inner voice.
🌟Taurus. (April 21-May 21)♉
Four of Spring.
For you Taurus, April should be full of gratitude and fun. Spring refers to passion, energy, and action.  Four represents stability. You should feel content in your personal life and feel like you have a lot to celebrate. You may be attending a special event,  allow yourself to let loose and have fun. Work may be getting busy, but as long as you stay on top of tasks you will see success. In love, commitments become stronger. If you are looking, you may meet someone at a social gathering. Finances are in good shape because of your focus and hard work.  Be persistent in any health matters, listen to your body. In spirit, be open to listening to the input of others, but know that any decisions you make need to align with your own truth.
🌟Gemini. (May 22-June 21)♊
For you, Gemini, April is about pausing to reflect.  Awakening refers to a temporary pause in action, changing the way that you look at a situation, and understanding all sides. This is a month about finding balance and thinking before making decisions. You may be facing options when it comes to issues in your life. At work, things may be slow, you may have an opportunity to wait it out, or  look for a better job. In love, you may need to refocus your goals and decide if you need to release any unhealthy or unrealistic expectations. In finances,  pause before making any big purchases, make sure it is in your budget. In health, do your research before jumping into something. In spirit,  it is important to release any self limiting or negative thoughts or beliefs. Align your thoughts with what you want to manifest instead. 
🌟Cancer. (June 22-July 22)♋
The Moon.
This month for you, Cancer, you will be harnessing the archetype of the Moon. This will come naturally, as you are a water sign and can be in touch with your emotions.  The Moon is all about powerful intuitive epiphanies , getting in touch with emotions and the truths of situations, and letting go of worry and fear. Learn to trust your instincts this month. In work, you may need to be patient. You may find yourself asking for clarification or needing more information. Stay calm while growth occurs. In love, give yourself some time before making any big changes. Be kind to your partner or potential partner and take time to understand where they are coming from. Financially,  you may need to wait a little while before making any big money decisions. In health, follow your instincts with your body, but also be careful about over indulging or self medicating , you don't want to make things more cloudy or confusing  than they need to be. In spirit, you will be more aware and open with your psychic abilities. Pay attention to any dreams, signs, messages, or flashes of insight. 
🌟Leo. (July 23-August 21)♌
April is all about balance for you , Leo. Take your time this month, there's no need to rush. Take everyone's viewpoints into consideration , and then merge your view to come up with the best solution .You may need to look within to see if you have any personal issues that are standing in your way. This month is about finding balance within yourself as well as your relationships. In love, you may have feelings about yourself that you're not comfortable with, make sure to address these before working on your romance. Financially,  there should be a good balanced flow between what's going out and coming in. If you feel like you deserve more, it can be a good time to ask for a raise. In health, make sure your mind, body, and spirit are all taken care of, and that you are doing things in moderation. In spirit, this is a good time to work on a meditation practice. If you need help, ask your higher self or those around you. 
🌟Virgo. (August 22-September 23)♍
April is about growing stronger for you, Virgo . You have the grace and inner strength needed to overcome any challenges.  You also have the power of kindness and forgiveness. This card indicates the importance of mind over matter. You have the ability to accomplish your goals if you stay focused. In work, if there is room for growth, ask for what you're worth. If not, you may find another option that matches your skill set. In love , committed relationships become stronger. If looking, this is a great time to be social, you should be feeling confident and ready to mingle. Finances should be in a positive cycle. Your health should be strong, this is a good time to correct any bad habits. In spirit, make sure you are taking the time to work on your mind, body, and spirit. Remember , you are stronger than you think .
🌟Libra. (September 24-October 23)♎
Two of Winter. 
April for you, Libra, is about finding balance between your mind and your heart. You are naturally inclined to find balance in the scales as a Libra , and you will feel more centered when you do. Make the choice that is best for you, rather than trying to please others. This card can also show a need for give in take in relationships or communication.  
In work, you may need to be patient while others make decisions,  things are likely to go in your favor. In love, your relationship should become more balanced with treating each other as equals. If looking, make sure you have peace and balance within yourself first, then a healthy relationship will come. Financially,  make sure you know where your money is going and that you write down a budget. In health,  pay attention to your emotions. Writing in a journal or talking to someone  you trust can help you heal. Positive thinking, balanced sleep, nutrition, and rest will help you. In spirit, you are on a more balanced path than you may realize . Hold tight to your own beliefs, even if they don't work for everyone. 
🌟Scorpio. (October 24-November 22)♏
Prince of Spring.
For you, Scorpio, April comes with a lot of passionate energy.  This Prince can refer to someone in your life, or your own energy. This card refers to a passionate relationship,  successfully overcoming a challenge, and taking quick action. April is a great month to travel if you can manage to get away. You should be feeling full of energy and ready to get things accomplished. In work, you may be asked to travel. Things are looking up and you are seen in a very positive light. In love, communication will bring you closer to your partner. If looking, be sure to be social. Financially,  money should be flowing in easily. Your health should be going well. Be careful not to over do it while exercising, slow and steady activities will get you the results you desire. In spirit,  you may be introduced to a new way of thinking.  Take time to explore new things. 
🌟Sagittarius. (November 23 December 22)♐
The Dreamer.
For you, Sagittarius, April is a time of fresh new beginnings, important new chapters, and exploration. You may be a taking things day to day, or moment to moment,  but make sure to embrace the day with an open heart. In work, you may find new ways to get things done, and may even go off to start your own business or work for yourself. In love, evaluate if you are ready for a commitment or if you are looking to explore.  Be careful not to overlook true love if it crosses your path. If you are open to commitment you may find yourself in a renewal of a current relationship,  or if single, beginning a new relationship. Financially, you should be seeing an increase in money. In health, make sure to be present in the moment so that you are not too carefree and accident prone. In spirit,  this is a time of desiring a deeper knowledge about spiritual growth. Do what is best for you, even if your spiritual beliefs differ from those around you. 
No matter your sign, you can manifest your desires for the coming month by being mindful about your goals. 
Love and Light,
About the author:
Natasha Ingram is an artist, jewelry maker, tarot card reader,  essential oil wellness advocate, and owner of  www.OmAndEarth.com .
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